Monday, November 3, 2008


Quite. Still.

Lost. Restless.

Within my little world.

And many have trodeen in and out.

And many have left. And many pushed to leaving.

And still some have stayed. Few. Rare.

I open my little diary. Pink. Again.

I know your regrets. I've carried them once.

And there's so much of shame. And there's so much of guilt.

And very little love. Be quiet. Be still.

I share my little heart. You. Here.

I know your touch. I know your taste.

And there's so much to give. So much to live for.

And time seems to be running away. Loud. Restless.

My heart.


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Anonymous said...

I can't see the meaning of this life I'm leading
I try to forget you as you forgot me
This time there is nothing left for you to take, this
is goodbye
Summer is miles and miles away
And no one would ask me to stay
And I should contemplate this change
To ease the pain
And I should step out of the rain
turn away
Close to ending it all, I am drifting through the
Of the rapture born within this loss
Thoughts of death inside, tear me apart from the core
of my soul
At times the dark's fading slowly
But it never sustains
Would someone watch over me
In my time of need
- Mikael Akerfeldt, Opeth

You're brilliant.