Thursday, April 30, 2009


fat puppies
with floppy ears.
sleeping cats
with their swishing

chocolate icecreams
with bournvita powder toppings
and gems.

curly hair.
collars open at the
rolled up sleeves.
nonchalance n sarcasm.
heartbeat stopping

the sound of
distorted crunchy guitars
make me so wet.

wild sex
and talking
in the

i know i'll hear you
when the lights go out.

Rendevouz with the Kryptos boys

A few photos I clicked of them this weekend.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

hey you....

i love the sound of your name, like a heartbeat it waits, pulsing on my lips. and i love this waiting and the fact that i know you're waiting too, for a little something, a little everything.

so i hope you'll understand what's not being said here

and i hope you'll know and hear and see what's hidden here

because time's running out

and there's little i can say

that i wouldn't take back later....