Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Pieces of paper they are
Tear them up and they are gone

Towers of cards they are
Tip them and they fall

They tell us not to act out
To make believe it's alright
When its not.

They say it's not in our place to be God
But I don't see Him around now and then
Would you like to be Him
Just this once?

Let's play a game, save a dame
Distress calls go unheard
The motifs stay clear
Of the ongoing drama.

Why don't you say a word
When it could make all the difference
I may not be the shy type
But I don not like these silent confrontations.

I dream of wars when I lie next to you
I see your face in the crowd
I see them walking away
I see opportunities ungrasped

I'm learning to shut my eyes, close my heart
And ignore the waysides.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Bitter Bitter Me

Do you understand bitterness?

When it seeps into your feet

Twisting itself around the ankles

Creeping onto your thighs

Grabbing you by the navel

Gathering storm in the chest

And then finally punches you right in face.

Do you taste it in your mouth?

The sour leftovers of words undoable

The sweet tasting victory of rage

The bile rising up from unrequited loves.

Do you not recognize it?

In the lines on your face

In the lives of those who are but dead

In the dark clouds empty of rain.

Do you suffocate in it's loud presence

Or do you lash out in blind disdain

I have burned in white flames

But what about the stains.

When did we fall so low

That we can now not stand

And fight?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Conquerors in a trashed out world

Cold and ecstatic, we stand, disfigured

Thoughts that run to you, only you

When did I forget? I am you.