Sunday, October 25, 2009


We need some moonshine tonight
Alone and lonely and alone
We need some moonshine tonight
As the runaway stops to roam.

And home is not the place to be
Tires that grind gravel like clouds
The wind that wants to slyly touch
Touch our burning skin
Sights waiting to be understood
Awakened, if you like
From their perilous slumber deaths...
Home surely can wait tonight.

Country folk save much to spare
Not even a fleeting glance
Dusty boots and rancid clothes
We would like a moment
Of naked humility
When we dance among ourselves
Bodies slithering, hands fumbling
Eyes riveted to the starless sky.

We give you free wisdom, we give you free love
We give you everything you want
If you will not touch our souls.
We give you our dreams, we give you our passion,
We give you everything you need
If you will not break our dolls.

And we need some moonshine tonight
To walk where we will, fill our spiritless minds
We want some moonshine tonight
To bring us back home.