Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dunno When This Happened

What is Truth?

A momentary grasp of the ever elesuive Real
A glimmer of red juicy light in a kaliedoscope of tears
A silence between the lover and her beloved
A hand reahing out, a head away, turned.

The velvety liquid between her legs
The rejection faced third time over
The vault that never opens
The sigh that escapes inspite, despite....

How many times before you break?
How many saves before they miss?

The moon's light shines only as much
What illuminates our direction then?
The music plays only as much
What gives solace then?

Give me color and a brush
I'll paint over your words...

Monday, July 13, 2009

I have reasons to forget
And a right to remember.

I walked past a monument
Glancing at its destruction for a moment

I reflected on the old
And let the new remain
Trying to stay away
Trying to remain unchanged.

I decided
A thought, lopsided
I communicated
A memory, undermined.

I know only what I see in your eyes
I believe in every human that's right
I tear at my skin when the words dont come
I fear unreasonably when the lights go down.

But even big worlds crumble
Where lies my poor soul then?