Monday, December 29, 2008

My Neverland

A circle closing in fast
Differences relived from the past
Serenity in a tight shut jar
Meander in our fields from afar.

A sun dipping low in the river
Crystals fall on every step closer
Boats glide on to neither there or here
Senses shut down and they whisper a prayer.

And its in Neverland I used to hum
My little, forgotten tune
A snag in the time-space continuum
Now the memory lies in ruin.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday it is not....

Desks and lights,
Casts and mice,
Musical delights,

Inscribed skin
All in a bin
The devil and my sin

Motley Crue and Dr. Dre
Make haste while it's day
A wide and cutely dimpled face
I dream.

"Thouroughly and utterly bored. That should explain this piece of nonsense. =D

Merry Christmas Everyone..."

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Breathing Now

Like the sun that radiates innocence at dawn

Like the purity of fresh, unabated pain

Like the first steps to an unconditional faith

Like the roads that take you home


A dress with a tear that only you can see

A mistletoe waiting for a new, wet kiss

A broken kaliedoscope - unused

A bird that's forgotten to sing

This world that's trying to breathe.

And I fear I've forgotten to dream

The mist strays too low

And I can see you holding your hand out

Way too far

And I said I'd never compromise

I misjudged

And I wished for a happy ending

When I flung myself over a steel rail.

But now I'm flying

Would you like to fly with me?