Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Junkie Love

Losing breath and gaps of insight

Mighty love and slight disguise

Your wondrous smile and my misdemeanour

Empty words and an easy conscience.

On his weary sabbatical

The junkie meets the boy

Truth falling through

A life sentance!

Addicted to pretences

Nicotine, coke, love, vengeance

Hiding from a dimming light

Long live music.

Come back to where it all began

Experimenting, falling, saving

Lie after lie of cool deception

Hate after drugs after love.

Are we all gonna make it?

I hope not.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fate is just too small a word for what we are stuck in.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Temporary Overdose on Life and its Lessons

The principal contention holds out
That neither you or I or them
Are equppied with any sense
Of chivalry or honour or atleast courtesy
That might not for even a second
Suggest mockery of an insidious kind.

Life springs upon us the best and the worst
The warm and the cold
The cute and the ugly and the pretty
And then the nightmares and a not much better reality.

And it's hard to make a distinction
Draw a line
Make meaning out of a hapless situation
Where do our loyalties lie?

I know that nothing lasts
I know that mortality reigns
But I also know that these tears are real

What do we live for?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Blue Evening

A full moon's light cast its slippery blanket upon us
And there were fireworks and a thundering rhythm of drums...

Lips travelling down my neck
Your breath making its way to me
A possessive arm around my waist
While the other roamed free.
And right then, time was lost
Two identities dissolving into one
And life ceased to mean anything much
Other than your love, other than THIS now.

You fill me with a desire that I didn't know I possessed
My thirsty soul could drown happily in your arms
A frenzy art of limbs and blur
Colors vibrate in the moist atmosphere.

And there are nights you rob me of my sleep
Dreams of rapture, your skin against a burning mine
Misty eyed I wake - waiting, hoping, dreaming
For it's your arms I seek, your touch I need.

And I wish I could say I've figured you out
But everytime I get comfortable
Your leg slyly steps in, tripping me
And I fall obligingly all over again...

Monday, November 10, 2008

enlightening conversations...

kutti : kinky depends upon the kinker...
me : kinker!?!
kutti : kinker is the person who performs the kinky....
me : aahh!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


i want to fade into the nothingness

that is amnesia.

erase the mistakes. write over them.

or get a mask.


am tired of waiting

for things to happen to me.


want to break


hide and then seek


i need a new name

so they cant trace their lives

back to me or us or them.


here i am


like a tree

thats stuck to the ground

and can only reach for the sky

that's always

going to be a tad too outta reach.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dreaming On

I wish I lived in a trailer
With pretty yellow curtains
And a clean silver sink.
With a bunk bed of two levels
And a radio right next to it.

I would park it on a low lying hill
And when I peer out of my window
I'll see a tiny pond
With ducks, bullfrogs and blue lotuses.

I would travel all day through muddy, matted roads
To see the forests and the frost.
At night, I'll come back to my little hill
To wait for you to drop in.

It'll be like playing "house" like we did -
When we were young.
You can be Daddy and I'll be Ma.
Or you could be the Prince
Courting the Princess
Rescuing the damsel in distress. =)

I wish I lived in a trailer
I'd paint it green and yellow
And I'd fly it to the moon and back
And I'd take you with me as well.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Quite. Still.

Lost. Restless.

Within my little world.

And many have trodeen in and out.

And many have left. And many pushed to leaving.

And still some have stayed. Few. Rare.

I open my little diary. Pink. Again.

I know your regrets. I've carried them once.

And there's so much of shame. And there's so much of guilt.

And very little love. Be quiet. Be still.

I share my little heart. You. Here.

I know your touch. I know your taste.

And there's so much to give. So much to live for.

And time seems to be running away. Loud. Restless.

My heart.