Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dreaming On

I wish I lived in a trailer
With pretty yellow curtains
And a clean silver sink.
With a bunk bed of two levels
And a radio right next to it.

I would park it on a low lying hill
And when I peer out of my window
I'll see a tiny pond
With ducks, bullfrogs and blue lotuses.

I would travel all day through muddy, matted roads
To see the forests and the frost.
At night, I'll come back to my little hill
To wait for you to drop in.

It'll be like playing "house" like we did -
When we were young.
You can be Daddy and I'll be Ma.
Or you could be the Prince
Courting the Princess
Rescuing the damsel in distress. =)

I wish I lived in a trailer
I'd paint it green and yellow
And I'd fly it to the moon and back
And I'd take you with me as well.


dJ ViL3 said...

gladly tag along

* reminded me of Jewel somehow. She used to live in a trailer and travel. Some of her lyrics describe it.

Tinker Belle said...

Reminds me of Octopus's Garden by The Beatles! :)