Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Blue Evening

A full moon's light cast its slippery blanket upon us
And there were fireworks and a thundering rhythm of drums...

Lips travelling down my neck
Your breath making its way to me
A possessive arm around my waist
While the other roamed free.
And right then, time was lost
Two identities dissolving into one
And life ceased to mean anything much
Other than your love, other than THIS now.

You fill me with a desire that I didn't know I possessed
My thirsty soul could drown happily in your arms
A frenzy art of limbs and blur
Colors vibrate in the moist atmosphere.

And there are nights you rob me of my sleep
Dreams of rapture, your skin against a burning mine
Misty eyed I wake - waiting, hoping, dreaming
For it's your arms I seek, your touch I need.

And I wish I could say I've figured you out
But everytime I get comfortable
Your leg slyly steps in, tripping me
And I fall obligingly all over again...