Saturday, August 30, 2008


Have you ever had the lights talking to you?
They tell me I've outgrown my worn out appearance
That i am bigger than me and smaller (much smaller) than this ego
And i could scream at the insanity that grows
In circles and spirals and cones and squares
Within my room, inside my head, thumping in these pale veins
That have grown weary of the abuse.
Have you ever listened to the silence?
The suffocation is enough to take my breath away
But just when I think it's over, the tension crosses over
Kicking open the floodgates of everything that's never been shown
And i'm free, free to fly and in that glorious moment
The body loses meaning and it's me, my soul and my God
The God that knows nothing, except everything.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


A stoic face stares
Millions of stars and they're nver the same
An angel made of moonlight hums
The sky reflects a pair of twinkling eyes
Lesser gods have been born
On this land that never stops to weep
And when the callousness of it all seems to spiral
Out of control, out of reach
You step forward
As if out of the wisp of a tiny feather
Smooth, frail, yet strong enough to weather any storm
And i could have sworn ive known you before
Somewhere between the curtained folds of time
Not once, not twice, but every single time
And the culmination of it all
Summed up in the touch of your finger
On my nape
Brushed ever so slightly.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Through our frail belief in magic
I remember how we made the world look small
Our hands following light green constellations
We watched how our time was crashing down on us.

Suffocated - we clawed our way out
I stayed, waited - subdued yet assured
In your strength and my stubborn stance
On everything that finally turned out to be false.

And there is nothing in me that hasn't been yours
There is no rebellion that wasn't once our cause
There is no shame in what's been lost
And there is no way i'll let you have the last laugh!

" Hmmmm.... So this one's to the bygones... People meet... Have a lot of fun... Then shit happens... And then you go your seperate ways... Simple enough right? Except what do you do with the part of themselves that they've conveniently left behind with you??! "

Friday, August 8, 2008

Its About Him (though it may not sound like it)

Drowning visage of a sweeping sky
Ornamented barely, simply
Like the flourish of an artist's brush
The clouds curl and swagger... Unaware and uncaring.

The foothold eludes each unsure step
Pools of amber implore
Tug ever so lightly and clasp
At a reality that's cunningly warped.

Misguided heretics
Limping god of anarchy
Monstrous apostles
Lurching disciples
"Watch the false vengeance -
Of a lost generation."

She seems disenchanted
Worrying over intricacies
And she knows it.
Disquiet bubbling into exasperation
She loves, hates, messes up and skipping...
Dissolves into the dipping horizon
Of the glittering night sky.