Thursday, August 28, 2008


A stoic face stares
Millions of stars and they're nver the same
An angel made of moonlight hums
The sky reflects a pair of twinkling eyes
Lesser gods have been born
On this land that never stops to weep
And when the callousness of it all seems to spiral
Out of control, out of reach
You step forward
As if out of the wisp of a tiny feather
Smooth, frail, yet strong enough to weather any storm
And i could have sworn ive known you before
Somewhere between the curtained folds of time
Not once, not twice, but every single time
And the culmination of it all
Summed up in the touch of your finger
On my nape
Brushed ever so slightly.


Lucid Darkness said...

The last few lines are electric. :)

Nothingman said...

sexy template!! and even sexier poem :D

finger on the nape of neck...grrrr ;)


oopsie daisy said...

on your nape!

:-D shucks


Shimmer said...

@ V : oh really?

we shall see next time sweetheart... =)