Saturday, August 30, 2008


Have you ever had the lights talking to you?
They tell me I've outgrown my worn out appearance
That i am bigger than me and smaller (much smaller) than this ego
And i could scream at the insanity that grows
In circles and spirals and cones and squares
Within my room, inside my head, thumping in these pale veins
That have grown weary of the abuse.
Have you ever listened to the silence?
The suffocation is enough to take my breath away
But just when I think it's over, the tension crosses over
Kicking open the floodgates of everything that's never been shown
And i'm free, free to fly and in that glorious moment
The body loses meaning and it's me, my soul and my God
The God that knows nothing, except everything.


Evil said...

Stoned... the name of my band :D except we spell ours as ston'd...
amazingly precise piece.. especially the part of the part about kicking open the floodgates of everything thats never been shown... sometimes you get brilliant ideas for guitar parts, or music in general, when you're on a trip...

vimal said...

Have you ever thought about what the hell you're writing?


I love you - very nicely written. Love the way you treat your writing like it's something outside of you.

Rex Venom said...

The last line was the best for me. So slick!
Rock on!