Saturday, August 23, 2008


Through our frail belief in magic
I remember how we made the world look small
Our hands following light green constellations
We watched how our time was crashing down on us.

Suffocated - we clawed our way out
I stayed, waited - subdued yet assured
In your strength and my stubborn stance
On everything that finally turned out to be false.

And there is nothing in me that hasn't been yours
There is no rebellion that wasn't once our cause
There is no shame in what's been lost
And there is no way i'll let you have the last laugh!

" Hmmmm.... So this one's to the bygones... People meet... Have a lot of fun... Then shit happens... And then you go your seperate ways... Simple enough right? Except what do you do with the part of themselves that they've conveniently left behind with you??! "


Nothingman said...

truly said...i think you give their part back to them and tell them a good place to put it in.


Lucid Darkness said...

This would probably be a very cleaning poem. Hmm.
As for that part, you put it in a place from where it can't interfere with your daily life.

Lucid Darkness said...


Goodness, I hate typos!

tHe_NeW_cYnIc said...

It is Purgatory...have been through it once. It is best to move on.

oopsie daisy said...

you could make some nice chutney and eat with dosa
or just pretend it was a dream

bad dream
good dream

or you could smile and say
"hakuna matatta"

ozymandiaz said...

don't know if you are aware but your blog comes up with all these "upgrade" signs from photo bucket.
Just saying because it screws your whole blog up making it nigh impossible to read.