Monday, September 8, 2008

Thank You For Your Time

I keep wondering

What is it that you could possibly want

That I cannot give?

I want to know

Where I can find my soul

Complete and whole


I hope

The world learns to unlearn

And then sit back

To watch the magic unfold.

I wish

I could sing without your shame.

I dream

Of nights

When I wont have to leave.

I need

Your presence

Your promise

Your protection.

I want

To be as free as a bird

To love without guilt

To be just me.


Nothingman said...

why be me when you can be you. right, even I'm confused after saying that.

oh, what i wanted so say was something about beggars and horses...



Manasa Reddy said...

I was hoping i can look for a fresh change in your poetry...
no... do not get me wrong... you are really good...which is why i make it a point to read em once in a while...

soul can never be unscarred shyama. for us mortals... who intend to make life complicated... we think... we pain we hurt... we think... and yeah there the result is what you write...

just sit and think... which you do a lot ofcourse... (some like complicated... do you fall under the same?) do you like the way things are going on around you... can you do something to change it?

if you want less complicated... you need to figure...

*hugs* TC

oopsie daisy said...

2 MR


2 shamarani

who is the panderous siren in the pic? Is this some kind of solicitious plot? Why do you keep changing your blog's look everyday? When will India defeat Pakistan?

Yes, the questions never end.

Fortunately, we're all blessed with ravenous intellects ro make up answers.... and excuses

and unnecessary vocabulary :-P

Impressionist said...

I see a lotta changes in ur blog1 hmm...nice
But whats with this poem eh!?


Shimmer said...

@ N : =) yep, sumfin lyk that wud have been appropriate n well said... *sigh* if only i cud get tht into my head...

@ nymphy : hola... long time... m not sure y i still write this way when things r pretty different now... probably ive gotten used to pickin out the worst in me n writin abt it rather than d good stuff i have in my life...

n abt changing things, i have... u shud know...

tc *hugs* hope ur doin gud...

@ vimsy : my love... the pic is just to distract everyone from the horrible poetry =) or sumfin lyk that...

@ popeye : i dunno ya =/

Manasa Reddy said...


you changed sweetheart... poetry did not... I'd love to see how happiness is potrayed in your poetry... :)

do TC
my best always

Lucid Darkness said...

Isn't that the best thing? Hakuna matata in the truest sense! :P