Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cross my heart and...

So I'm underwater this minute
Flowing along the undecided current
Stomach churning, eyes stinging
It's all blue, salty and well... blue.

And I'm walking along our road
Head bowed to the ground, watching for footprints
Snapshots of our love among the white and yellow flowers
And the scent will always - ALWAYS - haunt.

Now I lay in my neverland
I've dreamt of lying on this patch of grass
With music floating between us
And the kind of silence that's nice.

Right then I was flying
With the wings that you solemnly put on my shoulders
And I pretended I'm an angel
Hoping you are secretly watching.

But here I sit in my vacant corner
Listening for the bell
Hoping for the best, Ignoring the rest
Missing you the most...


Nothingman said...

yeah, guess I am underwater too.

This is a cute and sad poem, makes me think of teddy bears and other cute sad things.

Hope you're doing well!


Rex Venom said...

You CUT me
Rock on!

Vaiveahtoish ("alights on the cloud" - in cheyenne) said...

When love is not madness, it is not love. - Pedro Calderon de la Barca

Tinker Belle said...

"And I pretended I'm an angel
Hoping you are secretly watching."

simple, honest, straight forward.

love it!


Shimmer said...

@ N: doin especially well these days =)

i did not mean this to be a sad poem but somehow it cameout this way...


@ rex : \m/ band aids comin ur way =)

@ vimsy : very well said... did i tell u i am mad about u?? =)

@ lolo : glad u like =) tcz

Lucid Darkness said...

I think it brings an underwater adventure to mind... You know where you swim through the depths to look at life though a liquid perspective? It is a sort of flight. And it is lonesome when you return. Bleh I'm rambling.