Friday, October 3, 2008

Of long days and insomniac nights

I've been sitting still for so long, the light around me has changed color four times already, from a happy blue to a dull blue to a sad blue to a downright gloomy blue... The day is longer than it should be allowed to be and I'm just done making up a shabby itenerary for the day... How I hate my own company when it's being forced down on me!!!

Volatile phases and drab metaphors
The world's gone but you're still here....



kavya sharma said...

hey...are you Shyama by any chance??? If you are... this is Kavya...(ur classmate).
I just came across your blog and the picture looked familiar:p

Impressionist said...

been there done that :D
or shud I say gone through all that! :D
how ru lady? hows college! :P

Shimmer said...

@ kavs : yes yes... this is Shyama... =) wasssaaa??

@ popeye : college's fun popeye... where u hidin btw? when do i get to finally meet ur royal highness?? =P

C'mon now! You've gotta be kiddin' said...

fragile enough to snap
sharp enough to cut

Winnie the poohi said...

whoa.. long nights brings out the best thoughts na?