Friday, October 3, 2008

De Nouveau Part 1

I was so tired right then... Of all the searching and the waiting and most of all, of all the running... My legs cramping up, muscles a hard knot, all I wanted was to sit down... But I HAD to find her!!!

She had disappeared so slyly and I didnt even realise how I was standing there, listening to a disoconnected silence... Not that it wasn't silent when she was around but we were so comfortable, sharing our minds like clothes ; our bodies managed to keep us apart only that much after all... We used to laugh at all the crummy people who wanted to be our friends and we would lead them on, till we got tired of them... Discarding them, like used toys... And I remember the emptiness crashing around me had been deafening, when she left, and I wondered if I should scream out or maybe kick a stone or cut my wrist or something... That would piss her off... =)

But she wasn't coming back and I had to hunt her down right? Striding down stinky streets, or running up a lonely hill, all I found was my deflating hope and more than anything I wanted to know how she could possibly stay away when I was slowly fading without her?


C'mon now! You've gotta be kiddin' said...

i think this person (this her) is your sub-conscious :-D

Shimmer said...

smart u r