Saturday, December 25, 2010

Take Me With You.


The candles sing a tender song

Under my lover's desk, casting silhouettes

On my weeping self.

Under there, I reach an epiphany of sorts

I can't see them, until they sing.

My birds have nowhere to go

Until you sing.


This body wastes

Long runs in black stockings new

Lying next to the shoes that you're hurriedly putting on.

Scared of the memories that are slipping

Right away at the Goodbye.

Maybe he'll forget

he was here.

I wouldn't lie to you, no

I'm scared.


Awaiting anonymous arms

Anonymous nights

With anonymous songs.

Some lessons yet to be learnt

Awaiting new love

In some stranger's arms.

Yet I might look for a letter

Now and then

Bearing your signature

And that unforgettable scent.

1 comment:

vimal said...

if they're separate

I like 3.