Monday, July 12, 2010

Sunset Boulevard

i like creating images. i set them up - rearview mirror glances, purple sunsets and city silhouettes, sullen boys in dusty corners, a girl with no shadow on a train to nowhere - where do they all come from? i see moths circling the lone streetlight and i think fire and ice. i see you staring into the distance and i think black pellets of rain. i see god and i think pain.

i like creating images. i want to see them unfurl into blank portions of time, filling it up, like a jug of water that fills a little cup. ghosts dont get rid of themselves, you see. peacemakers, lovers, painters - they celebrate them ghosts. i dont like to look at it that way. what's to celebrate. you leave behind what's gone and you create new pictures. its freshman year now and suddenly you've graduated and out looking for a job. i dont like to look back, no.

but i like to create images.


vimal said...

the irony is that we don't really create the images
they exist whether we notice them or not
All we do, is notice :-)

Anonymous said...

Have you actually been to Sunset Boulevard? I have I have! It's nice :D