Friday, April 16, 2010


* Walking down Commercial Street, while it's raining, is the bestesht way to spend a lazy evening. Especially with the mad bunch that I hang out with.

* I am technologically challenged as well. Took me fifteen minutes to figure Twitter out.

* Heartache's overrated.

* Maybe a new haircut would help, yes?

* Musicians are hot. I cannot get over it. -shakes head- Nopes. Definitely can't get over it.

* I'm stalking Neil Gaiman. He's funny.

* Never leave wallet out of sight. Especially before getting stuck with three idiots for the night.

* I dreamt of a giant bee. And I remembered you. And I remembered my foolishness. And I smiled.

* Pretty boys are pissing me off.

* Vimal's a Christmas tree post Christmas.


pure said...

WTF does that mean?

I bring the cheer afterwards or what

Shimmer said...

oho... wtf n all :P

you take it however u want boy...

i said it with best intentions in mind :P

as if.