Monday, March 16, 2009

Him again

Frailty encompasses in a thick shroud
Bound to immorality, a scapegoat
Your life, your thought
Immeasurable to a point
"I hate it when you forget..."

And there are choices that we made
Holding us prisoners in little black boxes
And if we could step out for a moment
I bet I could hear your mind again.

And our words remain etched
In deep recesses
Ready to burst out
At a moment's notice
Destroying everything in it's wake
"I hate it when I remember..."

Finish me off
Before I submit
Choked for air
Occupied, owned, resurrected
From thin air
I stand

1 comment:

i quaver said...

"Holding us prisoners in little black boxes"

though, its open for interpretation in many ways. very keen to know under what circumstance you have used this.

my spirits are bit low these days. going through a tough clip.
its been a long time, hey girl! gimme a word.