Wednesday, February 4, 2009

mirror mirror on the wall

i know it's somewhere in me
lying forgotten
the dust that's settled and grown...
covered and sown...

and i dont remember
the last time
i actually looked at myself
without looking away...

the words that come and go
your eyes that love and... love...
and suddenly i have everything...

i wish i knew
what i'm trying to complain about...

"i want to feel beautiful for just one day and then i'll probably think of letting everything go..."

on a totally unrelated note -
college sucks. too much work. no time. no interest!
life sucks. too many people. no time. no interest!

1 comment:

narcissist/nemesis said...

don't we all girl
don't we all
cliche but, to the world you may be just another person,
but to me, you are the _ _ _ _ _ .