Monday, June 9, 2008

Hysteria Zipped

Rickety stools and benches marked,
Blackboard's wiped and the room's stark,
Light streaming in through fractured glass,
Fears repressed as the confusions starts.

Tick tock goes the forced clock,
Time's conical existance unlocked,
Tentative thoughts slip under the rock,
I'll make up my mind when you stop.

Life lessons are yet to be unlearned
Feeble voices within left unheard
The black sheep's following a lost herd
You could change yourself as life unfurls.

"And yet the soul dies every night
Only so you could wake her up -
Every time."


death becomes him said...

you could use an alarm :-)

Sutta said...

You still are amazing!
Last line is beautiful. :)

Hows Shimmer?

d SINNER!!! said...

beautiful one...

Clezevra said...

you should see my freind's blog- sarah's- scottish highland's, coffeecrush, musical dreams... they say only poets understand the mystery of each other's poems...

Evil said...


Dream Baron said...

that feeling of being lost and afraid just echoes out n out in the poem..really appealing.
reminded me of Led Zep a bit.

Impressionist said...

blog abandoned?